The First Steps

Odin Server, The Lavender Beds, Ward 23, Plot 36Opening Hours: Mondays, 7pm ST
Visitors Welcome Any Time
The First Steps is an Adventurer's Haven, a place for Disciples of War, Magic, Land and Hand to find those of like mind, share their experiences, and plan future expeditions. Led by Keeper of the Moon Mis'to Raesthe, this veteran adventurer is keen to give those new to the trade the home, support and guidance they need on the road to making their first gil. For those who haven't yet found the courage to take that first step on their adventuring journey, they'll find those willing to guide them on their way.As a roleplaying venue, the First Steps focuses on letting players enjoy in-game content in character, as well as helping folk meet fresh faces and new people feel welcomed and comfortable.


As a heavy-roleplaying venue, the First Steps encourages people to stay in character and within the current constraints of the lore. As an Adventurer's Guild, the Steps is happy for you to openly wear weapons and armor inside.The Steps welcomes people new to RP, especially those who are nervous or new to the idea. If that's you, we'd love you to show up and passively observe if you want! Or, you can ping Mis'to in game if you'd prefer a private session or introductions. I will always make time for you!We have a number of systems in place to help facilitate new players!
Check those out here.
If you'd like to work with the First Steps for events, or for your character to use the performing space or set up a shop stall, please let me know! I'd be delighted to set up the space for you in advance.FFXIV is a Teen-rated game and we request players adhere to that rating in public RP. The Steps is designed to cater to adventuring, so themes such as combat, dealing with injury or other violence-based tropes may be prevalent. Only engage in RP that you are comfortable with! If you've concerns on any RP happening in the venue, reach out to Mis'to. If it is breaking TOS, reach out to the GM's immediately.When using certain mods, please bear your fellow players in mind when using them. They may be unaware that their character appears different on your screen and for some this could be distressing or even triggering. Please do not call attention to them, either in (IC) or out (OOC) of character. If you experience upsetting behaviour in this manner, please report this to the GM's.The Steps is welcoming to all manner of characters, but I would request that players roleplaying NPC lore characters do not bring those characters to the Steps. This is an RP style I personally do not like, and it runs a high risk of spoilering content to players.Finally, have fun. Engage in RP and themes that you enjoy and take satisfaction in. Be kind and respectful to your fellow players and enjoy the rich world that Square Enix has given us!


GARDENSExplore the winding paths and ponds meant to evoke memories of the Black Shroud. Relax around the private gardens, train in the glade with friends, or enjoy outdoor hot springs at any time of the day.

THE LOBBYWalk into the Steps and find yourself in the Lobby. Chill with your friends in a number of little nooks and crannies!Should you wish to perform upon the stage, just ask!

THE NOODLE BARWhat you came here for!
Get your hot and fresh noodles - or other tasty dishes - straight from the kitchen.

CONSERVATORYThis beautiful little indoor garden is the perfect place to relax and talk with friends. Listen to the gentle sounds of running water and enjoy the atmosphere of the Black Shroud safely indoors!

ARENALooking to train? The Arena is the perfect place for any type of physical or magical combat. Come practice with your friends, watch veteran fighters put on an exhibition bout or talk with our combat expert on a variety of topics! Healers are always on standby if needed.

PRIMAL SIMULATIONSIn collaboration with the Ironworks, the Steps is proud to host Primal Simulations! Learn what it means to battle these fearsome foes without the threat of tempering or death; all the better practice should you ever need to take on the real thing.

MIS'TO'S OFFICEA quiet little corner, if folks need to come talk to Mis'to himself it'll usually be here. If you can't find him in the Steps, he might be here. Make sure to knock!


Getting involved in RP can be a very daunting thing, especially when you don't know people.To help you start your journey roleplaying, the Steps uses a couple of systems to help you either observe roleplay quietly or flag to others that you're having difficulty getting started.To select these statues, select your character (by default this is F1) and then rightclick your nameplate to Edit Search Info.

The "Looking for Meld Materia" status to flag is for staff. So if you're looking for staff to try and roleplay or get involved in things, that's the icon you're looking for!

Use Looking for Party to show that you want to get into roleplay, but you're nervous about approaching people and would like someone to approach you.Please note I cannot guarantee people will come over, but we'll do our level best to ensure that you're included where possible.

Here to roleplay and order noodles! Make sure you
have that RP tag on or we'll think you
want to be incognito!

"Please Ignore Me I'm Incognito!"

If you want to come looking around the Steps without fear of
someone grabbing you for roleplay, please leave any tags off.



Looking to do some spontaneous in-game content in character?Why not grab a group of friends and see if you're up to our leves?Check out the current job board here.

Bi-Monthly Adventurer's Night

Next Date: November 20 2020
Have you wanted to adventure but too nervous to take the first step alone?
Are you a veteran adventurer happy to show new blood the ropes?Or maybe you're a crafter or gatherer eager to meet the folk that you supply goods for?Every two months the Steps hosts Adventurer's Night, an icebreaker event designed for people to enjoy RP in the outside world, dungeons and trials - even Primals! Come alone or with friends, group up and take on in-game content together!For full details of the event, go here.



Mis'to Raesthe

An older Keeper born in the depths of the Black Shroud, Mis'to was once a decorated Twin Adder who stepped down after the events of Carteneau. Since then he's travelled much of Eorzea and the Far East, returning now to settle down and share his wisdom with fellow adventurers.These days when not out on the road, he's discovering new culinary delights to bring to the adventuring world, as well as a friendly ear to those in need.


Akiko Sulyvahn

Affable yet socially awkward, Akiko is a master aetherologist and spellsword whose ambitions as such are near matched by her fondness for teaching.This fondness is what moved her to become the First Steps' resident tutor; an unpaid favor, but one she puts her heart into simply out of passion.


Arrabella Harlen

Smiling sweetly and almost certainly hiding daggers, this enigmatic healer keeps her past to herself, travelling the lands in search of the next great evil and her next free meal.As with everything else, Arra just might be using the Steps for her own means... but that doesn't mean she won't be bringing the best noodles this side of the Rhotano sea!


Cynthia Windwalker

Perpetually plucky, this young Raen will happily talk your ear off about dance, magic, her hometown of Radz-at-Han, or basically anything else - especially the First Steps!She’s been a patron of the Steps for near on a full cycle, and offered to join the team to help out her friends - and bring in more people to the venue she loves!


Our NPC staff will be delighted to serve your various adventuring needs.J'luyuh (Tia) and L'hara - Our receptionists! Feel free to drop weapons and coats with them as you come in, or drop a message in the book. They pretend they're not an item to remain professional, but it's the Steps' worst kept secret.R'naina - A librarian and lorekeeper, if you need extra information about
Primal Simulations, she has what you need.
Applying for a Sharlayan scholarship after years working with the Ironworks.
No patience for ignorance.
Tore'li - Keeps the quiet bar upstairs stocked and serves drinks to patrons. Prone to gossiping about local Shroud Keeper clans, to Mis'to's chagrin.U'zhomoro - A master smith, he'll be happy to forge armor and repair your gear for you. Find him by the arena! He and Mis'to seem to have some history.

*Please note NPC staff are not actively RP'ed outside of specific events

Mis'to's IRL Recipes

A Word About My Ingredients

How ingredients are cooked and prepare often makes a difference. Also some brands are different to others. Here's some notes for you:Cooking Notes
Mis en place - everything in its place - is essential. Cut up ingredients ahead of time and put them into dishes dependent on when they're going to get added.
Sauce Notes
Dark Soy: I use Lee Kum's brand. It's very thick and syrupy.
Sambal Oelek: If you're a heat lover, you want this in your cupboard. It's pure chilli, and it is glorious.
Oyster Sauce: I actually don't use this as it's given me bad reactions in the past. Instead, I use a 1:1 mix of hoisin sauce and soy sauce in place.
Vegetable Prep Notes
Boy Choy: Separate the stalk from the leaves, chop and cook the stems separately. I put them in the 'pepper' group for timing.
Spring Onion: As above, cut off the white parts and cook them separately.
Broccoli: If you're using tenderstem, my personal preference, you can thinly slice the thick stalks.

Biang Biang Noodles in Chilli Oil

These thick, flat noodles are some of my personal favourite, and they're not that hard to make. Caution though- this dish is hot.Alternatively I've made them as a teriyaki, and it works just great.I recommend following the recipe below. Do take a look at their more traditional way of doing the noodles - that's how I make them these days.

Homemade Teriyaki Stir Fry

Homemade teriyaki is much superior to storebought, in my opinion. The sugar content though is super high!Making the sauce:

  • Take 100g of white sugar, and add to it 4 tbsp of soy sauce.

  • Heat gently until all the sugar has dissolved, then simmer low for 5 minutes.

  • Remove from the heat and add 1 tbsp of dark soy sauce and 2 tbsp of sake (sherry can be substituted here).

When that's done, you can make the teriyaki itself.

  • Get the rice/noodles going, depending on what you want to serve with it.

  • If you're using meat (I love chicken), cut into thin slices and marinate for no more than half-an-hour. You want 4 tbsps of your teriyaki marinade, plus 1 clove of chopped garlic.

  • Chop the desired vegetables. I like onion, pepper and spring onion.

  • Add the meat + marinate into the pan and cook the chicken until no pink remains.

  • Add the vegetables. Cook for about 3-5 minutes until everything is done.

Homemade Udon Noodles

The secret to this, believe it or not, is frozen Udon noodles. You cook them just enough to where the noodles separate, then immediately remove from the water and quench if you can't immediately use them.Firstly the Udon sauce:

  • 2-and-a-half tbsp of dark soy sauce

  • 2 tbsp oyster sauce (1 tbsp hoisin / 1 tbsp soy sauce substitute)

  • 1 tbsp mirin

  • 1/2 teaspoon rice wine vinegar

  • Sambal Oelek if you want heat, to taste (I like 2 generous tsp)

Then prepare your meat + veg. I like chicken, green pepper, mushroom, bok choy, brocolli and spring onion for this one.

  • Cook your frozen Udon noodles until they have separated. Drain and quench in cold water ASAP to avoid them overcooking.

  • Mince the chicken (I use a big ol' cleaver for this).

  • Cook the chicken until no pink remains.

  • Add the mushrooms, cook 2 minutes.

  • Add pepper, bok choy stems, spring onion whites & brocolli, cook 2 minutes.

  • Add the prepared sauce and stir.

  • Add noodles. Cook for about 1-2 minutes until the sauce is not quite liquid any more.

Homemade Fried Rice

A fair warning on this one. Get this one right, and you may never be able to order takeout from your favourite Chinese again.This is a great one for leftover vegetables. When I'm making this, I make it with shrimp, chicken, pork, char siu pork, mushrooms, bok choy, spring onions and peas. You don't need much meat here: only about 50g or so of each.

The trick here is specially cooked dry rice. To make this, take 240g of Thai Jasmine Rice (I have not got this to work well with other types. That includes Jasmine rice so be careful!) and add 200g (yes, that is correct) of water. Cook this for 15 minutes, take off the heat for 5. Do not take off the lid. This will give you beautiful dry-ratio rice perfect for proper fried rice.The recipe I follow is here. I do make one change, as I don't use the dried mushrooms/scallops. Instead, I use 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 1 tbsp of dark soy, and 1 tbsp of hoisin. That replaces the umami flavour just fine.

Oh, and if you want my char siu pork recipe? Here. I use the same guy for my steamed pork buns too.I can't get hold of pork belly; pork filet does just fine.

Staff Roles